07 Jun 2018

Residential Trip to Oxford University

avatar Lucy Jenkins

2 Day Residential at Oxford University for pupils and teachers

At the end of March 2018 40 pupils, 12 teachers and 14 mentors took part in the MFL Mentoring Project  2 day residential course in Oxford where they reflected on their language learning journey in order to further build their language skills.

Pupils went on a journey of discovery through 3 interactive interdisciplinary workshops looking at:

cultural transfer of meanings of colour, application of languages through a virtual reality (VR) experience of the international space station and finally, ‘hidden meanings’, looking at emoji languages and the ancient celtic language Ogham. Pupils also had a tour of Christ Church College, Pitt Rivers Museum, and had their own personal cinema screening of The Illusionist.

Meanwhile, teachers had a series of specialist sessions on using digital technology in the MFL classroom, a tutorial on Digi-Languages, a session on using visual materials in class, and an Oxbridge admissions session.

Teachers commented:

“The range of opportunities given to us were phenomenal. Pupils have thrived on being given the opportunity to think for themselves and to work without oversight from teachers”

Pupils commented the following when asked what they enjoyed about the experience:

“I enjoyed looking at Christchurch and admiring its architectural brilliance. To understand that there is more meaning to some words and languages than we realised.”

“Being able to openly voice my opinion”.

“I really enjoyed being able to socialize with different people from other schools…..”