Castilla y León: Natalie.

Author: Natalie Organ
Published: 10th May 2019

This year I enrolled on the final year Student Teaching module (STM) at Cardiff University and was given the opportunity to take part in the Castilla y León mentoring project. As a lover of languages and someone who is interested in a teaching career in the future, I was immediately interested in applying. After having completed the project, I can confirm that this was a very good decision. The Castilla y León project not only helped me in terms of professional development but also, in my opinion, significantly enhanced my experience on the STM.

Academically, I was able to further develop my understanding and research of the theories I had learnt in class by putting them into practice in the classroom in Spain. As part of the project we also visited Brussels to support the Welsh Higher Education Bureau. This experience also played a crucial role in my academic development as the workshops I attended really helped with assessments I had to complete for the STM (creating learning resources, understanding the Welsh education system etc.) and also gave us an insight into translation theory (one of my highlights from the trip).

In terms of professional development, the project has also been a great opportunity for me. Not only were we able to network at a prestigious event in Brussels, but we were also able to make connections with people in the education system in Spain (something of great interest to me as I would like to teach in Spain in the future). It is also a great addition to my CV in terms of the skills I have learnt and also shows employers I am willing to commit to extra work if it is something I believe strongly in. The project also made me aware of other career pathways I could take if I decide I do not want to pursue a career in teaching. The project made me very excited for my future and highlighted all the opportunities I have available to me as a result of speaking international languages.

To conclude, I can happily say that this project has been one of my highlights during my final year at Cardiff University. I was given the opportunity to visit Belgium and Spain, to work on my academic and professional development and to meet lots of great people who share my passion for languages. I would definitely recommend the project to future prospective students.

Natalie completed a BA Spanish at Cardiff University, graduating in 2019.