The Digi-languages project was designed to provide-mentoring opportunities to schools which had been unable to access face-to-face mentoring due to their remote location. The platform is used to blend digital learning with face-to-face mentoring for a fully interactive learning experience.

How does Digi-Languages work?

The Digi-Languages course begins with a two hour in-classroom session with a mentor, to engage the pupils with the project and establish a relationship between the mentees and mentor. This session is followed by four weeks of online mentoring through the Digi-Languages platform, and finished with another in-classroom session.

The online platform resources include informative videos, quizzes and interactive activities that are specially tailored for the pupils. Time for reflection and co-production is built into the programme to create a complete supported learning experience which engages with the core principles of mentoring.

The course material explores challenging concepts around identity and community, creating an environment where the mentees feel able to discuss their own identity and their own relationship with languages in an open, non-judgemental environment. Through sharing their own experiences with the pupils, mentors establish a positive relationship which improves perceptions of language learning and increases pupils confidence and resilience with languages.

How can I introduce this to my School? 

Learn more about how Digi-Languages can benefit your School by getting in touch with our team to see if we can bring the project to your pupils.

External Evaluation 

The first 6-week pilot of Digi-languages took place in 19 schools across Wales and saw approximately 180 pupils engaging in the blended learning experience. This involved an intensive 2 hour introduction session where pupils were introduced to the Digi-languages platform and guided through its functionality In this session, pupils also got to know their mentors and spent time creating a ‘handprint’ tree mapping their languages journey to date. This pilot was subject to rigorous external evaluation. The full report has now been published and is available here:  Digimentoring evaluation report July 18