22 Aug 2019

GCSE and A Level Entries 2019

avatar Lucy Jenkins

By Tallulah Machin

It’s that time of year again when we cross our fingers and hope that the picture for languages in Wales, and more broadly across the UK, is improving. This year’s GCSE MFL entries for languages in Wales are another indicator that we must deepen our commitment to arresting and reversing the decline in uptake.

At GCSE, French declined by 16%, German by around 30% and other languages by around 10%. Only Spanish increased by 23%. This is an overall 10% decrease from last year.

At AS-level, all decreased. Spanish by 17%, German by 15%, French by 16% and other languages by 46% from last year. This is an overall 23% decrease from last year.

At A-level, all decreased. Spanish by 2%, German by 6%, French by 12% and other languages by 17% from last year. This is an overall 12% decrease from last year.

The total number of entries at AS and A-level is exactly the same this year (765) so allowing for natural attrition that suggests it’ll drop a fair amount again next year.

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