We are pleased to report that the MFL Mentoring project continues to be a success for learners, mentors and teachers.

In Year 1 (academic year 2015/16) 13 of 21 schools reported an increase in GCSE take up; in one school, a GCSE class in MFL ran for the first time in several years. In total, 57% of pupils mentored through the project opted for a language at Key Stage 4.

In Year 2 (academic year 16/17), demand increased substantially as 47 schools partnered with the project and a further 18 schools requested project engagement.

In Year 3 (academic year 17/18), the project worked with 71 schools across Wales and ran for the first-time in the project’s history, in-university workshop days and a residential stay at Oxford university.

The mentoring experience also has a positive impact on pupils self-confidence and attitudes towards learning:

  • Mentors have provided inspiring role models demonstrating the personal enjoyment and satisfaction that derives from interacting with other cultures.
  • Mentors have been able to build pupils’ confidence in themselves as language learners, reassuring them that aspiring to speak a language fluently is not an impossible mountain to climb, and providing tips and study techniques.
  • Pupils’ aspirations have been lifted by contact with university students and opportunities to discuss university life, options for living and working abroad as well as future careers.