We work with secondary schools across the four educational consortia and are always ambitious about providing equal opportunities for each consortium.

This year the project has worked with 73 schools out of a total 200 across Wales. It’s a brilliant achievement, but we’re always hungry to improve, and bring a passion for languages to more pupils across Wales.

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Teachers say

The whole day was a huge “Gate” open to the world. Students blossomed throughout the day and their engagement grew stronger as we moved from one session to the next. The exploration of skills through the use of languages was a great success and my students are leaving thinking “Languages are so much more than I thought, languages can fit in anything that we do”. Thank you for the most inspiring workshop I have ever taken students to! They have been wooed and are grateful for the opportunities. Many many thanks.”

“The range of opportunities given to us. Pupils have thrived on being given the opportunity to think for themselves and to work without oversight from teachers. The CPD was excellent. “

Mentees say

“I absolutely loved the philosophy session we had. It’s so inspiring and positive to see ideas and discussions that don’t usually occur in day to day life being discussed in an interesting and respectful way, with new ideas being formed and old prejudices thrown away”.

“I enjoyed the workshops and going into Oxford. An inspirational side of the two days here was talking with the mentors and hearing their language journey”.

“I really enjoyed that the sessions let openly voice my opinion.”

If you’re interested in bringing the MFL Mentoring project to your school, talk to your MFL Consortia Lead who can nominate you.