The project thrives on a steadfast partnership between four Welsh Universities, the four Welsh educational consortia and a large network of Secondary Schools across Wales. We are funded by the Welsh Government, under the Global Futures Strategy.

Our University Partners

Aberystwyth University:

Working with Aberystwyth University has provided outreach in hard-to-reach parts of Wales in the Mid Wales regions. The University Lead for Aberystwyth is Dr. Guy Baron. 

Bangor University

We are partnered with Bangor University and have received continuous support from the university and our University Lead, Ruben Chapela. Mentors from the university supply support for students in the North of Wales.

Cardiff University

The National Coordinator for the project, Lucy Jenkins, sits in Cardiff University’s School of Modern Languages. Cardiff university supply mentors for schools in Central, South and South East Wales schools.

Swansea University

Tanya May, Lecturer in Modern Languages, supports the project from Swansea University.  Mentors from Swansea provide support to learners in the South West and Mid Wales regions.

Essential support is also provided by the MFL Consortia leads from across Wales:

    • EAS -Education Achievement Service for South East Wales
    • GwE – School Effectiveness and Improvement Service for North Wales
    • ERW – Education through Regional Working
  • CSC – Central South Consortium

Welsh Government

Welsh Government support has been invaluable in generating opportunities for both University students and Secondary School pupils. Now in the fourth year of funding, Welsh government has provided substantial support to facilitate the ongoing work of the partnership.

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