Castilla y León: Rhiannon.

 Author: Rhiannon Williams
Published: 10th May 2019

In my opinion the mentoring project in Castilla y León was a huge success and I feel extremely privileged to have taken part in it. The primary aim of the project was to increase uptake within the bilingual education programme in the Spanish region of Castilla y León.
We strived to promote the various benefits of language learning for the students’ personal and professional development by creating fun and varied activities. As a result, many pupils expressed a desire to continue studying languages in the future. They also became much more culturally and globally aware. I was particularly moved by how responsive the children were to the activities we prepared and their enthusiasm to learn, not only English, but many other languages, including some lesser-spoken ones such as Finnish, Welsh and Gaelic.
Furthermore, the experience was hugely beneficial for my own professional development as I had the experience of working with children not only at secondary level but primary too. I was able to increase my confidence in the classroom and develop new and innovative ways to teach through shared practice amongst fellow colleagues.
Finally, we were given the opportunity to meet with members of Welsh Government and the Spanish regional government of Castilla y León. This was a fantastic chance to network and meet people who share like-minded ideas about language learning. To conclude, the experience has been unforgettable and I have learnt much more about my own strengths, weaknesses and the career I would like to pursue in the future. I would highly recommend the project to any student who is considering taking part in the future.

Rhiannon completed a BA French and Spanish at Cardiff University, graduating in 2019.