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One more week before we open applications for next year's MFL mentors! If you want to beat the crowds, register your interest here and we'll get in touch!

@BangorModLangs @SwanseaUni_LTI @WUCareers @ModLangsAber

Dim ond wythnos sydd ar ôl nes i geisiadau agor ar gyfer mentoriaid ITM y flwyddyn nesaf! Y gyntaf i'r felin fydd hi...felly mynega dy ddiddordeb yma, a byddwn ni mewn cysylltiad!

@BangorModLangs @SwanseaUni_LTI @WUCareers @ModLangsAber

Does dim rhaid i ti astudio iaith yn y brifysgol i fod yn #MentorITM - oeddet ti'n gwybod hynny?

Felly, ry'n ni'n galw ar beiriannwyr meddalwedd, biolegwyr, cyfreithwyr a deintyddion y dyfodol sy'n caru ieithoedd i wneud cais! 🌍 🫶💬

Did you know you don't need to be a language student to become an #MFLMentor?

So, all you budding software engineers, biologists, lawyers and dentists with a love for languages, we need you! Express your interest for our next mentoring cycle here 👉

Cardiff University graduates can now get 20% tuition fee discount on master’s degrees.

The discount is applicable on all full-time and part-time master’s degrees that are taught on campus.

It is a bittersweet time of the year when the mentoring sessions come to an end. But we can't wait to see how the learners apply what they have learned to their own lives! Languages open doors to new worlds 🤩🌍

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