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So proud of one of our amazing mentors, Zhen Ni, for winning Student Academic Rep of the Year (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) at the @cardiffuni Enriching Student Life Awards👏🙌 See the list of winners here:

Dyna 'da ni'n hoffi'i glywed! 🙌🌎

Manteisiwch ar ein gweithdai a'n sesiynau mentora am ddim er mwyn gwella agweddau tuag at ieithoedd yn eich ysgol!

That's what we like to hear! 🙌🌎

Do you want to improve attitudes towards languages in your school? Sign up for MFL Mentoring. We are now accepting school applications!

Apply here:

📢Rydyn ni'n derbyn ceisiadau gan ysgolion i gymryd rhan yn ein sesiynau mentora a gweithdai iaith y tymor nesaf! Mynegwch eich diddordeb yma:

How the new curriculum is supporting all children to reach their full potential.

Equity and inclusion case studies from schools and other settings in Wales:

Last year, we had the privilege of talking to @barbarampv, head of MFL in @croesyschool about her experience working with the project. Stay tuned throughout the next two weeks for more snippets of out interview with Barbara!

Apply to take part:

🎉Applications for schools are officially open!

Want to improve attitudes towards languages in your school in 2024-25?

Last year, 81% of learners said that the mentoring made them more interested in cultures and languages 🌍 Apply here:

🧅🧀🍎 @BangorUni @MFLMentoring Mentor Maryam Awawdeh is delivering a fantastic session on food & languages at @GwylFwydCfon today!

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