MFL Mentoring trains undergraduates from our university partners, and sends them into local schools to promote and encourage the learning of modern foreign languages via in-classroom mentoring sessions, and online mentoring.

Undergraduate students are recruited from Cardiff, Bangor, Swansea or Aberystwyth universities and trained by mentoring experts to become our student mentors.

Mentors will spend up to 1 day per week working with Year 9 pupils in small groups (5-8 pupil) over a period of 12 weeks. This is broken into 2 sessions of six weeks, one running from November to December and one from February to March.

For Schools that are in more geographically hard-to-reach locations, the mentor spends a day with the pupils in week 1 and 6 of the programme. Weeks 2-5 are delivered via our online learning platform Digi-Languages.

The programme content focuses on the learner’s place in a globalising world, encouraging them to appreciate and embrace other languages and cultures, while introducing them to the practical benefits of learning additional languages.

We have previously run Mentor Training Days and Residential Courses for Pupils, Teacher and Mentors to explore their language learning journey – such as our recent 2 day course in Oxford. We hope to run more courses in the future so more learners can explore languages in new environments.