What's your role with the project?

I am the Academic Lead for the MFL Mentoring programme, which means that I support project partnerships between the universities who take part and the Welsh Government which funds the project.

I created the project in 2015 in response to the decline in modern foreign languages/international languages in secondary schools in Wales.

We began with just 18 schools and now work with over 100!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a Professor of French Studies and love all things French. My favourite city in the world is Paris.

This love of France developed on my year abroad as part of my degree studying English and French at Leeds University! I worked in a secondary school as a language assistant and made friends for life there – indeed my best French friend from this time was the witness at my wedding!

Today, I research the teaching of languages and language policy in Wales.

I am a committed language activist, having had my world transformed by living abroad and coming to understand, appreciate and love French culture. I wish this openness to the world for other young people.

What's your favourite thing about the project?

It is a fabulous project, making a difference to thousands of young language learners across Wales – what’s not to like!


Our mentors are inspirational people, and the mentoring team are role models for their commitment to language and Wales in and for the world!