Pobl Communications: A Social Sciences Venture

Author: Lucy Jenkins
Published: 15th May 2021

Summary of research: To investigate the potential for the development of a commercial venture from the research conducted by MFL Mentoring in order to grow and develop its activities. This activity directly links to and complements work being undertaken to consider the commercial pathways for the project via the ASPECT ARC (Aspect Research Commercialisation) Programme. This is a prestigious and first-of-its-kind accelerator for social sciences, offering vital training and support for researchers to help facilitate progression of innovative ideas through to translation and venture creation. You can read more about this here.

MFL Mentoring is currently looking for ways to sustain and scale-up its activity to allow it to deliver its inspirational activities in multiple contexts and with a variety of partners. This is following its success in developing multiple other ventures such as Languages Horizons and the partnership with Castilla y León.

Funder: Cardiff University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account – April 2021

Summary of outcomes:
1. The development of Pobl Communications, a new brand identity for the venture. The new branding will be available shortly.

2. The commissioning of Oxentia to conduct market research to identify the market scope for the activities of the venture. This includes looking further at the UK education sector, the global education sector and at the corporate training sector. Findings from this report will be available shortly.

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