What is your role?

I am a Project Manager for a new pilot project called Love Reading Mentoring which aims to build a love of reading for young learners in primary schools. By creating engaging resources and activities delivered by student role models, we want to encourage pupils to see reading in everyday life and to discover the joy, empowerment and pleasure that reading can bring to a young mind. I work with education stakeholders, primary school teachers and student mentors to deliver this very exciting literacy project.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Unsurprisingly, I absolutely love reading and my love of stories has shaped the pathway I paved for myself so far. I grew up reading every book on the shelf and dreaming about all the places I could visit in the future.

I studied Sociology in Bucharest, my native city, I had a summer job in Greece, and then I decided I wanted to keep discovering new worlds through study, so I did a Masters in Cultural Studies at the University of Freiburg, Germany. After I finished my studies, I moved to Cardiff because I had never been to Wales before. I wanted to experience the world of Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl and I enjoyed it so much that I have been here for over 7 years!

In my professional life I sought roles that gave me opportunities to learn and help people in creative ways. I worked in the charity sector, in education, in widening participation and community outreach. I get the most joy out of creating opportunities and experiences for young people, which inspire them to dream, read and explore.

What do you enjoy most about the project?

I strongly believe that the Love Reading Mentoring project is not just needed, it is essential. Young learners need to be given access to a variety of tools and role models that inspire them and show them new experiences of the world. It is challenging to achieve so much with only 6 sessions of mentoring and my favourite thing about the project is that every single professional, teacher, student, and colleague I have worked with so far has been 100% committed to supporting the project, sharing expertise, and making time and space for young people to get this opportunity.

I am humbled by the dedication and passion of teachers, who go above and beyond to create unique, exciting learning environments for each and every one of their pupils. Most of all, I am grateful for my amazing MFL Mentoring team – I am lucky to work with fantastic, kind, creative individuals who make even the most challenging day exciting and fun!