Taith Pathway 2 Funding

Taith is Wales’ international learning exchange programme, creating life-changing opportunities to learn, study and volunteer all over the world.

International mobilities link directly to the four purposes of Curriculum for Wales. Through working in partnerships all over the world, teachers develop new ideas and ways of teaching and discover new resources and tools to bring back to the classroom to enrich the learning of their learners.

International work is shown to have positive impacts on learners’ personal and learning outcomes and employability, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. International mobilities enable learners to develop knowledge and skills and to experience new cultures and languages and they return with increased confidence, independence and motivation to learn.

We are pleased to share stories from some participants of the Taith programme across all sectors, who have visited countries all over the world on our website here.

Any school funded or maintained by a local authority and registered in, and operating from, Wales can apply for Taith funding which is available through two different pathways – Pathway 1 and Pathway 2. The call for Pathway 2 applications is now open until 30th November!

Pathway 2

Pathway 2 supports the sharing of knowledge, expertise and collaborative learning between Welsh and international organisations and will fund international collaborative partnerships to develop a project output which addresses a specific issue or sector priority in Wales.

Project applications should clearly identify the gap, issue or sector priority the project will address and explain how the planned project output will develop and expand knowledge, understanding and practices across the sector. Project outputs must be of high quality and value to schools and the sector more widely.

Outputs from Pathway 2 projects funded in the Schools sector in 2022 will include:

  • Teaching toolkits and assessment plans to support teachers in minimising the recognised detrimental effects of transition from primary to secondary level education;
  • Resources to support the development and sustainability of Community Focused schools in Wales;
  • A toolkit to support schools to develop a bilingual education system and practical ways to make language accessible regardless of ability.

The application form can be found here on the Taith website. There are also resources to support applicants, including videos on completing the application form and the project budget and hints and tips from Taith’s external Independent Assessors.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact enquiries@taith.wales